Manufacturing Clean Energy

Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Standards help manufacturers control electricity costs, grow new industries, attract investment and jobs, and support a healthy Ohio. Ohio is home to over 100,000 people who work in clean energy industries, with over 18,000 right here in greater Cleveland. But we can do better! Competition for clean energy investments from states like Michigan and Texas is fierce, not to mention other countries like China.

Send a message to the Ohio Legislature to end the freeze of Ohio's clean energy and energy efficiency standards.

Already passed by the Ohio House, HB 114 is currently in the Ohio Senate under review. HB 114 will:

  • Halt clean energy investments by making the Energy Standards voluntary.
  • Gut electric utility energy efficiency targets which are saving Ohioans money. Changing the standard and eventually eliminating it will cost Ohioans $6 billion in added energy and health costs.

Email Your State Senator. Use the Ohio Legislature's Find My Rep webpage, enter your zip code, and then select your State Senator. Copy the message below or write your own.

House Bill 114 will gut Ohio's clean energy manufacturing sector AND lead to a less resilient electricity resource base at a higher cost for Ohio manufacturers. HB 114's changes to our energy efficiency standards will cost Ohioans $6 billion in higher energy and health costs. As an Ohio manufacturer, I urge you to oppose House Bill 114.

Ohio's Energy Future Tour

Ohio's Energy Future Tour was an opportunity for Ohioans to discuss the positive economic impact of clean energy technologies in their lives and communities. The tour demonstrates how Ohio can transition to a clean energy economy that will reduce costs and create jobs.

Download final report and video showing how you can help Ohio's energy future.

Policy Recommendations to Move Ohio Forward
  • Reinstate meaningful and required renewable portfolio and energy efficiency standards
  • Develop a cost-effective state plan for compliance with the clean power plan to reduce carbon emissions from Ohio's electric power sector
  • Increase distributed generation, aggregation and net metering opportunities
  • Repeal restrictive set-back requirements for wind farms

Congressman Joyce Meets with Manufacturers of Clean Energy

Talking with Our Legislators

"We have to support U.S. manufacturing, competitiveness and innovation, and the job creation that comes with it," commented Congressman David P. Joyce (OH-14), who participated with several Cleveland-area manufacturers that serve the clean energy industry in a clean energy manufacturing and policy roundtable at American Roll Form in Painesville, Ohio.

"Northeast Ohio manufacturers are on the ground making things happen. We have to use every arrow in our quiver to support them – including renewing the wind and solar production tax credits, because it means a lot of business for the region, and the faster we can do that the more stability we create in the world."

Roundtable participants, from left: John Colm (Manufacturing Works), Dewey Lockwood (Fabricating Solutions), Joshua Perkins (American Roll Form), Rob Touzalin (American Roll Form), Phil Misch (American Roll Form), David Joyce (Congressman, OH-14), Steve Peplin (Talan Products), Mark Gorenc (Dyson)