Manufacturing 4.0 in CLE

Manufacturing 4.0 in CLE is a Manufacturing Works program which is helping Greater Cleveland's small to medium sized manufacturers (SMM) utilize and adapt to new technology—which is vital to the competitiveness of our manufacturing sector and the region's economy. We define manufacturing 4.0 as the cluster of technologies emerging in robotics, automation, new processes and materials, digital manufacturing, machine-to-machine communication, among other things.

Industry 4.0

Our Focus

We engage with Cleveland's legacy manufacturers to help them understand how Manufacturing 4.0 will change their businesses, for good or for ill, and how to be strategic in using new technologies to solve production challenges and better serve your customers.


How We Help

Developed from interviews and roundtables conducted with 40 SMM Cleveland Manufacturers, our program has been specifically designed to help SMM identify technologies and resources that will enable their companies to optimize operations and increase competitiveness.

Through the Manufacturing 4.0 in CLE program we will be hosting a series of events to showcase success stories in emerging technologies, developing a consortium of SMM leaders who have or are considering investing in new technology, and connecting SMMs to resources and solution providers.

Have questions about our technology program? Contact Tom Birkel, Vice President of Manufacturing Services at 216.920.1953.