Membership Pays!

Connecting you with 350+ organizations in Northeast Ohio

Join a community representing manufacturers all across the region. It's easy and fast to join online. Should you have any questions about membership, Rick Dawson, Membership Development Manager, is one call away at 216.920.1960

Workforce Development

We'll Help You Recruit, Place, and Train Workers

A stable and productive workforce is critical to the profitable operation of any manufacturing business. Manufacturing Works offers programs and services that address employers' workforce needs. We specialize in employment and training, so you don't have to know everything.

Network with Industry Peers

Meet Prospects and Exchange Ideas

No other organization in Northeast Ohio is devoted exclusively to manufacturing. Manufacturing Works connects leaders to each other and engages them in their communities. We support, we connect, we partner. At our events you'll rub shoulders with all the leading manufacturing firms, suppliers, and service providers.

Business Improvement and Growth Services

Customized Assistance in Operations, Talent, and Sales

Growing your business is our bottom line. Reaching out to partners across Northeast Ohio, Manufacturing Works finds the right resources to address your manufacturing barriers to growth. Working with you, we can solve product, operations, and market-development challenges, get you the training and talent resources you need to improve productivity, and more.

Learning Opportunities

45+ Events Led by Industry Experts

At Manufacturing Works events you'll learn from peers and industry professionals current best practices needed to overcome barriers to growth and improve business results. Each month we feature manufacturing-focused events, including Lunch 'n' Learns, plant tours, and seminars. Our events are affordable, convenient, and timely—keeping you up to date with the latest trends.

Cost Savings Programs

Discounts on Grainger Supply, Workers' Compensation, Shipping, Freight, and More

These savings alone will more than pay for your membership! We offer our members numerous opportunities to save on everyday goods and services they utilize. Members receive generous discounts on items such as talent recruitment, occupational safety consulting services, supervisory training, electricity, natural gas, shipping, freight, and much more.

Dues Structure


#Employees Regular Supporting
1 – 10 $195 $235
11 – 30 $425 $525
31 – 75 $700 $850
76 – 150 $1,075 $1,315
151+ $1,615 $1,975

For more information about Membership, contact Rick Dawson, Membership Development Manager, at 216.920.1960.